2022 Home Lighting Trends That Will Be Everywhere

2022 Home Lighting Trends That Will Be Everywhere

Home design trends, like all trends, can be challenging to stay on top of. Home lighting design, especially, can be the difference between a home looking fashionable or outdated. What’s on the rise, and what’s on the way out in 2022? Sifting through fads and trends can be tough for average homebuyers or owners, but it doesn’t have to be.

2022 is a unique year in how surrounding circumstances will affect how homes are built and look. Sustainability, minimalism, handmade fixtures, and vintage revivals are some fashionable lighting choices to keep an eye on. Keep up with the latest styles by reading about 2022 home lighting trends that will be everywhere.

Sustainable Lighting Practices

Sustainable trends and practices in home design, particularly lighting, seem only to grow year after year, and 2022 is on track to be no different. Whether it’s using energy-saving technology, promoting sustainable practices, or using recycled and other eco-friendly materials, there are many ways that designers and homeowners can incorporate sustainability into their home’s lighting design.

Sustainable lighting isn’t just about thinking green to save the environment; it also helps homeowners save money. By using less energy and capitalizing on upcycled and recycled materials, homeowners can cut down their monthly energy bills and fixture expenses.

Natural Materials

2022 will likely be a big year for lighting design and fixtures that incorporate natural materials. Many designers like a natural feel to the home—even in a modern and minimalist design, raw materials like wood and bamboo are ideal. Don’t be surprised to see wooden and other natural lighting fixtures in many new 2022 homes.

Handmade Fixtures

Along with natural and recycled materials, the handmade lighting fixture industry looks to rise in 2022. With the increase in prices of new fixtures due to COVID-19, gas prices, and other economic factors, the market for handmade pendants, chandeliers, and other fixtures looks to boom in 2022.

Handmade fixtures offer more character than ones bought from a big-box hardware store and are usually of better quality. Skip the factory-made equipment and opt for handmade fixtures in 2022.

Vintage and Classic Revivals

Along with handmade fittings becoming popular, vintage lighting fixtures look to become pervasive in many homes in 2022. Classic lighting fixtures offer a wealth of advantages for 2022 homes.

  • As new products become expensive, vintage fixtures remain affordable and unique.
  • Classic patterns, colors, and fashions add a unique flair to the overall design.
  • Vintage fixtures bring character and usually an interesting story, too!
  • Finding classic pieces becomes a fun game of search and investigation!
  • Owners can tweak vintage pieces, so they fit with modern designs.
  • Forces the designer to get creative mixing and matching different styles and eras!

As funny as it may sound, consider looking to the past to be on the cutting-edge of 2022 lighting design!

Smart Lighting Technology

One trend for 2022 that doesn’t come from the past is smart home and lighting technology. Innovative home technology develops more functions every year and becomes more affordable and easier to use for homeowners. 2022 looks to continue that trend.

Smart home technology gives owners and designers more control of different lighting sources throughout the home with only a few words or the touch of a finger. It also allows designers to customize the brightness, color, blinds (natural light), and light sources for every room.

With intelligent lighting technology, owners can set the mood for dinner by dimming lights with only a word or set a timer for the blinds to open up in the morning to be greeted every day with natural light. The possibilities are endless, and innovative home technology will only grow in popularity in 2022.

Minimalism and Linear Lighting

The dominant style and trend for new homes are still contemporary and modern, and with that trend comes minimalism and linear-style lighting. Minimalism emphasizes clean, sharp lines with silhouettes, and linear lights and minimalist fixtures help create a cohesive design.

Linear lighting also offers a soft, gentle glow in many designs, another popular trend for 2022. Expect minimalist lighting in new kitchens, living spaces, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Oversized Fixtures

In many ways, lighting design trends follow the overall directions of home design, and the oversized fixture is a prime example of this. In the 21st century, the open-concept home design has taken over as the preferred living concept for new homes and renovators.

Open-concept homes offer many advantages, but it presents a slight challenge when it comes to lighting—this is where oversized fixtures come into play. Large pendant lights or chandeliers are familiar fixtures in open-concept designs as they can both properly illuminate a large room and give the design a focal piece to surround.

The oversized pendant above a large kitchen island is perhaps the most common example, but don’t be surprised to see more oversized fixtures illuminating open-concept spaces in 2022.

Layered Lighting

Another illumination that designers are flocking to in 2022 is the application of layered lighting. Layered lighting is another byproduct of the growth of open-concept designs, as designers have to figure out how to layer multiple different fixtures and lights in a large, open area that is practical and offers distinction to the other spaces.

Gone are the days when homes would come with one prominent overhead fixture that cast a harsh light on an entire room. Now, designers split illumination into multiple fixtures to be practical and aesthetically interesting.

For example, instead of having one prominent fixture in a kitchen, many designers mix and match with a hanging pendant above the island paired with recessed lighting under the cabinets. The layered lighting still illuminates the kitchen in a more pleasing, gentle way and gives designers more opportunity to stretch their creative legs.

Subtle Illumination

As we’ve already mentioned, the days of harsh, bright overhead fixtures illuminating rooms are mostly over in 2022. Designers and homeowners are looking for illumination in a more subtle, gentle way that gives their home a more welcoming feel.

Natural light is more important to homeowners than ever before, but handmade wall sconces are another way to achieve gentle lighting. Wall sconces illuminate with a much softer glow and blend into nearly any type of home thanks to their style versatility, whether contemporary, industrial, traditional, or any other home design.

Home design trends aren’t much different than fashion trends—they come and go and can be cyclical. It can be tricky to keep up with all the directions, especially when it comes to lighting, but if you keep an eye on these 2022 home lighting trends that will be everywhere, your home will look like it’s on the cutting-edge of home design!

2022 Home Lighting Trends That Will Be Everywhere

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