3 Tips for Choosing the Right Light Fixture Finish

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Light Fixture Finish

Fantastic and functional lighting holds significant weight in a home. As a more permanent feature in your space, lighting can make or break the tone of a room, so meticulous decision-making is vital. But with the vast selection available, which options are the best fit for your property? Here are three tips for choosing the right light fixture finish for your home.

Consider the Placement of Fixtures

Where you place your lighting can influence your decision-making when selecting fixtures finishes. For instance, say you’re looking to improve the kitchen island area in your home. In general, pendant lighting complements kitchen and bathroom spaces quite well.

These adaptable fixtures are versatile, space-saving options that provide more light on a single area and create ambiance. When it comes to kitchen spaces, you’ll want a finish with accessible cleaning properties and a matching aesthetic to provide a cohesive look.

Determine Your Desired Aesthetic

Lighting is a vital key to bringing a space’s design together. When choosing finishes, consider the surrounding design elements that contribute to your home’s aesthetic. If you enjoy unique, vibrant vintage décor, consider midcentury lighting that favors bronze and metallic accents, as it will pair well to unify the space.

If you enjoy keeping things exciting, you can mix and match metals to create visual interest and depth within the room.

Know the Difference Between Nickel and Chrome

It helps to know the differences between polished nickel and chrome. While it appears similar to silver, polished nickel has a warmer undertone than chrome, making it more common for use in other areas around the home. Chrome finishes are popular with kitchen and bath fixtures and matching lighting highlights these accents.

The spaces in your home have different purposes; selecting the ideal lighting to complement your interior design is essential. Fortunately, you can incorporate these tips to choose the right light fixture finish so that your property can shine its best.

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