4 Helpful Tips to Properly Install a Wall Sconce

4 Helpful Tips to Properly Install a Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are a classic option that fits well in just about any space. Dark hallways, narrow bathrooms, and kitchen task areas are great places to incorporate them. Because sconces come in a wide range of styles, you won’t have to worry that they’ll clash with your décor. You can find everything from vintage mid-century wall sconces to industrial fixtures to complement your design theme. But despite these wonderful qualities, perhaps the best thing about wall sconces is that installing them is a DIY-able project. All you have to do are follow these helpful tips to properly install a wall sconce.

Pro Tip: in order to install a wall sconce correctly, you should know a few things. These things include:

  • How to identify, strip, splice, and connect wires.
  • How to install an electrical box.
  • How to run cable through walls and ceilings.

Tip One: Choose the Right Fixture for Your Space

First and foremost, choose a fixture that’s proportionate to your space, provides the desired amount of light and matches your décor. You may also want to consider whether you’ll use a cool LED or warm incandescent bulb to light the space.

Tip Two: Determine Where You Want the Fixture

After you’ve chosen the perfect fixture, determine where you’ll install it. Some of the most common places for wall sconces are hallways, stairwells, on either side of a bathroom vanity or fireplace, and in the kitchen as task lighting. When you decide where you want your sconce, make a mark on the wall. Typically, wall sconces are hung at eye level.

Tip Three: Run the Cable Properly

When it comes to running cable, there are quite a few elements you must keep in mind. The first is to ensure the circuit’s power is off. Even if you know you turned it off manually, double-check with a voltage tester. When it comes to working with electricity, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Next, carefully cut a hole in the drywall or plaster. These holes will house the sconce’s electrical box and light switch. Pro tip: use a utility knife to trace the outline first. Then, finish cutting the holes with a drywall saw.

Once the holes are created, run a cable from the power source to the switch. Then, run the cable to the sconce itself.

Tip Four: Install the Electrical Box

The good news is that the vast majority of wall sconces include all the hardware you’ll need to install it. When mounting your sconce, simply push the electrical box into the pre-cut hole in the wall. To make things a little easier on yourself, you may want to clamp the cable to the wall box beforehand. Once the box is in the wall, simply tighten the screws.

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