4 Lighting Ideas for a Welcoming Entryway

4 Lighting Ideas for a Welcoming Entryway

When designing a home, the foyer is probably not your first concern, but it is the first thing your guests see, so you shouldn’t overlook its importance. Having proper lighting for your entryway is crucial to giving a welcoming feel to guests, so if you’re looking for design inspiration, check out these four lighting ideas for a welcoming entryway.

Match a Pendant With Your Colors

If you want your home to have a modern or industrial feel, pendant lights can feel both retro and high-tech if used in the right way. Small pendant lights in your entry leading down the hallway into other rooms can make for a great contemporary or industrial look that adds cohesion to your design throughout the house. And you can get the pendant to match your wall colors to warm up the cold steel or brass of the pendants and build your design’s uniformity.

Make a Splash With a Chandelier

The chandelier is the ultimate entryway statement; we’ve all seen extravagant crystal chandeliers of expensive houses, but we don’t all need to go that far. A chandelier can be a bold design splash, but there are a variety of chandeliers to choose from to fit your specific foyer and home’s design.

Handmade chandeliers work great with vintage or modern layouts and are more affordable than large and luxurious crystal chandeliers. They also work well in smaller entries with hallways by making a statement without being overbearing.

Cast a Glow With Wall Sconces

If your priority is creating an entryway that is soft and welcoming, consider some subtle wall sconces. Wall sconces have a variety of styles and shapes to choose from to fit your style and offer a gentle and inviting glow to an entrance. Try wall sconces on one side with a mirror for an eye-catching but simple addition to your foyer.

Go Modern With Recessed Lights

Almost every modern home design has recessed lights somewhere in the house. If you’ve got a modern or vintage design, you can’t go wrong with some simple recessed lights that provide plenty of light without being domineering. Modern but straightforward recessed lights in your entryway make for an excellent introduction to your home’s contemporary style.

When it comes to lighting foyers, there is a litany of ways to go. The important thing is to make your entryway an introduction to your home’s design while also distinguishing it from other rooms. We hope we’ve given you some lighting ideas for a welcoming entryway, and remember that Illuminate Vintage is the place to shop for one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures for your home!

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