4 Major Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid

4 Major Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid

Living room upgrades can be tiresome and intimidating at times. From furniture layouts to décor, there’s much to consider when you’re giving your living room area an upgrade. But even with extensive planning and blueprints, you can still get the feel of a living room wrong, and that’s okay. So, here are four major living room design mistakes to avoid during an upgrade.

Too Many Large Pieces of Furniture

People often tend to use more furniture pieces than their living area can handle. As a result, the room is cramped and visually unpleasant. But less is more: in the average living space, two large pieces of prominently placed furniture should be all the room requires to look good. If it’s done well, the arrangement will look nice, and the room will still look spacious. If you worry there’s too much space, though, consider having a small end table that doesn’t draw too much attention.

Décor Doesn’t Balance the Furniture

Decorative accents balance and soften areas within the living area to personalize a room and make it cozier. Plants, flowers, and books can go a long way in adding splashes of colors to a room, especially when the color scheme is monochromatic.

Improper Lighting

One of the most important details you can miss during an upgrade is ignoring your light fixtures. A living area should be warm, inviting, and have sufficient lighting to illuminate the space. If shadows and darkness are flooding your room, it might be time for a revamp.

Curtains Are Too Low

When you’re mounting curtains, a rule of thumb is to prop the rods right above your windows. This technique elongates the window area to give a broader and larger visual. Hanging your curtains five inches higher than the windows can draw attention upward and give the impression of higher ceilings.

Avoiding these four major living room design mistakes can help ease some of the frustration that goes into revamping one of the main areas in your home.

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