5 Differences Between Pendant Lighting and Chandeliers

5 Differences Between Pendant Lighting and Chandeliers

Statement lighting introduces the perfect final touch to any space and is the ideal way to showcase your home's design and style. If you’re looking for luxurious fixtures that take living area aesthetics to the next level, then say hello to pendant lights and chandeliers!

These are two of the most visually appealing illuminating fixtures. However, there are five key differences between pendant lighting and chandeliers that can change the look and feel of your space. Here’s what to know when debating between the two.

What Is Pendant Lighting?

A pendant light is a single fixture hanging from the ceiling that uses a cord, chain, or metal rod as part of its suspension system. Depending on the room, you can install pendant fixtures as single additions or multiples.

What Is a Chandelier?

While also suspended from the ceiling, a chandelier has two or more arms to support its size. Chandeliers often have dozens of lights and arrays of gems and crystals to refract light around a room.

What Are the Differences Between the Two?

Apart from their physical and aesthetic differences, other distinguishable factors separate these two beautiful lighting fixtures. Here are the major ones.


One of the most notable differences between pendant lighting and chandeliers is their suspension systems. Most chandeliers benefit from a branched system due to their many lights. On the other hand, pendant lighting utilizes a more understated system, such as one chain or cord, to suspend the lone light.


A chandelier often consists of wrought iron, steel, bronze, or brass. Conversely, pendants use blown glass, nickel, brushed steel, stained glass, and bronze. The many arms can also come supplemented with glass parts or other gems.

Style and Appearance

Both pendant lighting and chandeliers come in various styles. While more understated than chandeliers, pendants provide a more modernized feel to rooms. However, the more common pendant fixtures consist of single lamp shades or mini-blown glass.

Chandeliers provide a unique silhouette while adding elegance and luxury to a space. These fixtures can come in crystal, downlight, and rustic finishes. They can also have various sizes.


Pendant lighting fixtures run on the more affordable side due to their versatility and extensive selection of materials to choose from. On the other hand, chandeliers are more expensive due to their size and the cost of their materials.


Pendants provide a straightforward cleaning method since their style is simple. Chandeliers can be present a challenge thanks to their many smaller components.

Lighting fixtures are indispensable products that see extensive usage. And the key differences between pendant lighting and chandeliers are significant, from aesthetics to illuminating abilities.

At Illuminate Vintage, our goal is to help you find the ideal light source for any space in your home. We’re a modern lighting company that supplies many fixtures, from pendant lights to sconces and chandeliers, so that you can spice your living areas up with a touch of vintage style.

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