5 Types of Vintage Kitchen Island Lighting to Consider

5 Types of Vintage Kitchen Island Lighting to Consider

Every kitchen could use an upgrade now and then; with vintage styles trending in recent years, why not give your cooking area a new look and feel? With the help of the proper lighting, you can create a vibe that encapsulates and brings all elements of your updated space together. Here are five types of vintage kitchen lighting to consider during the renovation process.

Iron Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the go-to options for classic ambient lighting, especially in large kitchen areas. Installing one of these above your kitchen island can help bring focus to the counter space and flood a room with waves of warm lighting. For smaller rooms, consider installing a chandelier of a smaller size.

Milky Glass Pendant Lights

Those of the older generation remember milky pendant light fixtures. Milky glass lights have a well-known appearance that fits most kitchens. The fixtures work well displayed over kitchen islands and sink to provide a soft glow to the area.

Brass Light Fixtures

The use of brass fixtures like downlights gives your kitchen a classic, rustic feel. When paired with other brass accessories, your cooking space will look complete and ready for viewing.

Lantern Lighting

Using lantern lighting in a kitchen is retro and is one of the most considered techniques when incorporating a bit of the past into a modern space. Lantern lighting shines best in a brick and wooden interior and can complement modern kitchen appliances.

Industrial Lamps

Industrial lamps are cool, simple, and bring forth a vintage look to your kitchen. The metallic fixture works fantastically to illuminate your island area in the form of a three-lamp variation. If you’d like to bring attention to your island, consider trying out a single lamp option that gives off the right amount of spotlight.

Considering these vintage kitchen island options allows you to really see your area in a new light! They bring character and flair to your cooking space while retaining modern functionality. For handmade pendant lighting options, consider Illuminate Vintage as your go-to location for beautifully crafted fixtures that can fit any home, suiting all tastes.

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