7 Tips From Experts on Designing a Small Space Bathroom

7 Tips From Experts on Designing a Small Space Bathroom

Many people dream of having an ample, lavish bathroom for their home—however, not everyone is that lucky. While small bathrooms can be arduous to work around given their limited area properties, having the bathroom of your dreams is not impossible to attain—although you might have to adjust the scale of said dream a bit.

Below are seven tips from experts on designing a small space bathroom you can draw inspiration from.

Keep It Clean and Light

Anyone with a bathroom should prioritize keeping it neat. Removing bulky vanities, shelving, and other unnecessary features can significantly open up the area, giving it a clean, airy look. Remember to use light paints to attract brightness into the room.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

When you find yourself limited in area, decorating upwards is always a great way to take advantage of wall space. For instance, installing a medicine cabinet above your toilet is a fantastic method of creating storage without sacrificing mirrors in your sink area.

Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

Mirrors catch light and disperse its reflection around a room. This can brighten your bathroom and manipulate the perspective so you think you’re standing in a spacious area. Use a large mirror that can catch as much light as possible.

Consider Open Shelving Options

Open shelving takes advantage of vertical space while keeping design lines clean, trendy, and airy. You can store towels on the shelves or smaller accents to bring warmth to the area.

Install a Glass Shower Wall

Glass shower walls are luxurious and eliminate divisions that obstruct views and make the bathroom look smaller. They also provide a modern feel that changes the tone of the space.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is everything, and if you find yourself with outdated fixtures, it might be time for an upgrade. To avoid struggling with ceiling lighting, consider placing sconces on each side of your vanity for a stylish improvement.

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Let The Light In

When the lights are off during the day, your wash area can benefit from significant natural lighting. Large windows allow light in that can make the room appear larger to the eye. Avoid placing plants or other accents around the window to avoid clutter and less light from coming in.

While smaller bathrooms don’t quite compare to those of a more major scale, these wash spaces still deserve love and attention! With these seven expert small bathroom design tips, you can still have a beautiful spot while making the most out of its dimensions.

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