Home Remodel Checklist: 12 Key Things To Consider

Home Remodel Checklist: 12 Key Things To Consider

Many homeowners look to remodeling as an opportunity to upgrade the aesthetic and function of their homes. Many don't realize that there is much to think about before picking up the hammer as a change can be permanent in residence and can cost a great deal, especially if renovations don't meet your expectations.

That said, here are 12 key things to consider in your home remodel checklist that can save you time and headache.

Always Keep Your Goal In Mind

Before preoccupying yourself with smaller tasks, it's essential to keep the end goal of the renovation in mind. Do your remodeling efforts intend on increasing the resale value of your home, or is it a fun project to boost the aesthetic and livability of your space?

Consider your purpose by observing the neighboring residences to assess whether home remodel would have a significant return investment. Having a detailed plan with all outcomes allows you to decide how you’d like to approach your renovation.

Establish Your Budget Beforehand

Your budget is the most crucial element to your remodel; without establishing your funds, you run the risk of your project running amok with unnecessary purchases that won’t fit your home. However, allow some room within the costs to accommodate unexpected expenses like ordering food or staying at a hotel for a couple of nights.

Remember that once you set a budget, it is in your best interest to stick to it, so you remain on task and on schedule.

Interview Multiple Contractors and Ask for References

Having several contractors at your call allows you to get to know these professionals and their work styles. Ask about pay rate, procedures, and references before making final decisions on who you trust with your project.

If an expert stands by their quality of work and work ethic, they shouldn’t have a problem providing you with credible references from past clients.

Ask for Advice When Going At It Alone

For experienced DIYers, it can help to ask for advice when performing tasks you’re unfamiliar with. Take the time to consult experts for tips if you find yourself at a standstill with a side project within the renovation.

Having a wealth of information from professionals and other homeowners is invaluable to your own experience and can help you discover innovative upgrades that can benefit your remodeling plans.

Protect Young Ones and Pets

Young ones and pets present in the home during a remodeling venture can pose a risk, especially if they're running around the construction zone. Safety gates and electrical outlet covers will be your best friends to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones during processes involving exposure to dust and fumes.

The same can apply for pets; however, if you're not comfortable with having your four-legged friend around during reno-time, consider reaching out to a friend. A trusted individual can watch pets, especially during phases that require your utmost attention.

Be Specific With Your Design Plans

Remodeling isn’t the only aspect to keep in mind when upgrading your home. After the dust settles, interior design should be on the list to style preferences you want to compliment the new features in your residence.

For example, suppose you plan on introducing a timeless, retro feel into your newly transformed abode. In that case, you'll want to consider the addition of vintage mid century light fixtures, especially after upgrading an electronic panel.

Plan for Outages and Shut-Offs

When renovating spaces in the home like bathrooms and kitchens, there can be a chance that your home can lack a plumbing shut-off valve. In the event of this inconvenience, you may have to shut the water at the main valve off to continue with your remodeling.

In this case, you’ll want to go ahead and have containers of water readily accessible for drinking, cooking, and flushing toilets. If containers aren't available, consider filling a bathtub before you shut off the water. Have a bucket or container nearby to pour supply into the toilet.

Prioritize Permits for Specific Tasks

Specific tasks in your remodeling plans may require you to obtain permits. These permits ensure that any colossal project that could impede the safety of others is not a threat and meets structural requirements.

Obtaining permits before installing structures like fences and fountains can save you the headache and possible disappointment of a code inspector requesting removal.

Have an Area Free of Renovations

If you don’t plan on staying at a hotel during the remodeling process, it can help to have a zone that is free of renovation tasks and risks. Having a reno-free area can allow your family to gather and relax without breathing in dust particles or fumes that can cause potential harm.

Ensure you have all the tools to fulfill basic needs, like a microwave to heat food or a kettle to heat water.

Have a Cleanup Plan

After a long day of renovating, the idea of shutting off the lights and forgetting about the project until the next day may seem tempting. However, the mess can pile up, and before you know it, you're missing tools and sanity due to a lack of organization.

Just a few moments of cleaning up the area after completing a task can make a difference in the speed of your remodeling adventure and help avoid delays.

Plan for Smaller Tasks Throughout the Remodeling

During a cosmetic remodel, you might run into opportunities to enhance function within a space. For example, you might encounter that a room lacks insulation during the removal of walls. You might also experience a need for an electrical upgrade if the lighting is an ongoing issue within the home.

Allow Flexibility in Your Timeline

Your home remodeling project might take more time than you expect, especially when not accounting for events and holidays. Consulting your calendar and adjusting the timeline is necessary, so you have a clear and realistic time frame in place to complete your project.

Setting an unrealistic timeline places your renovation risk for unmet expectations that can disappoint you. If you plan to remove old fixtures, allocate that time within your schedule so you can prioritize your tasks.

These twelve key things are essential to consider in your home remodel checklist so you can spend more time enjoying the house of your dreams and less time wishing it were real.

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Home Remodel Checklist: 12 Key Things To Consider

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