Ideas for Designing Your Dream Master Suite

Ideas for Designing Your Dream Master Suite

We’ve all envisioned what our dream master bedroom might look like someday. If you’re searching for suggestions, try these ideas for designing your dream master suite to make your suite gorgeous, comfortable, and uniquely yours!

Color Options

Most master suite color palettes remain neutral with whites, blacks, and grays. While this is a timeless option, designers and homeowners often follow it a little too strictly and end up with dull colors that don’t leave an impression. Don’t be afraid to introduce some color!

It’s your dream master suite, so it should include your favorite shades. Consider a splash of blue, yellow, or orange on an accent wall, or incorporate that color into small touches of décor around the suite for a cohesive design.

Luxurious Hardwood Floors

Carpeted bedrooms have their advantages, but there’s nothing better than the luxury and elegance of hardwood floors in the bedroom. If you’ve got a neutral or light color palette in your suite, a dark-stained hardwood floor will make your colors pop.

If you want the best of both worlds, consider adding a large and lavish rug to tie the room together. Whether your suite design is modern or traditional, you can find rugs in a variety of colors and styles to make your space feel cohesive while adding a touch of art to the floors.

Walk-In Wardrobe

One master suite feature that’s gained popularity is the walk-in wardrobe. This isn’t a walk-in closet tucked behind doors; it’s an entire wardrobe full of open shelving and storage.

If you’ve got the space, build a walk-in wardrobe to give the bedroom an open, contemporary look that many homeowners love. This idea is also practical since a wardrobe is more visible and accessible, so you don’t have to spend hours in your closet trying to find something.

Intimate and Layered Lighting

When it comes to lighting, many designers keep it simple. Natural light is usually a focus, but some designers still prefer to install an overhead fixture and position lamps on end tables. Get creative in your dream suite by incorporating intimate, layered lighting.

Instead of floor and table lamps, consider installing mid-century wall sconces to give your bedroom an intimate, warm glow. Layer your lighting with different fixtures and styles to adjust your suite’s lighting to your mood.

We hope these ideas for designing your dream master suite inspire you. When you’re ready for new fixtures and lights, contact the experts at Illuminate Vintage!

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