Kitchen Décor: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Kitchen Décor: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

The kitchen is the centerpiece and the most important room in many homes. When designing it, too many homeowners get overly adventurous and make choices they regret later. If you're renovating or designing a new kitchen, then read our guide on kitchen décor and five common mistakes to avoid so that you don't end up making the same errors!

Going With Trendy Cabinetry

Design trends, like fashion trends, move quickly. One day your kitchen cabinets are the newest and best thing, but in two years, they become outdated. You don't want to redo your kitchen cabinetry too often, so go with a look that has staying power, not something you saw in a magazine once that looked nice.

Placing Lighting Poorly

Lighting is perhaps the most overlooked part of a kitchen. Too often, designers use a large overhead light, and that's it. Proper lighting throughout your kitchen layout ensures you're not working or cooking in the shadows and makes it a more inviting space for guests.

You want layers of lighting that add functionality and style, such as handmade pendant lights above your kitchen island combined with recessed lighting beneath your cabinets. With layered lighting, your kitchen can be both functional and stylish.

Using Too Much Color

We all love color, and it can be a fun and exciting addition to your kitchen. But, like everything, it’s best to add color in moderation. You don't want to end up with a rainbow of hues clashing everywhere. The best strategy is to stick with a mainly neutral kitchen that has a few dashes of color. This way, the accents will pop without feeling overwhelming.

Lacking a Personal Touch

You want functionality, but you shouldn’t forget to make your kitchen yours! The foundation of a kitchen is its workflow and functionality. But then, you should add the soul on top with personal touches. Make the décor of your kitchen unmistakably yours!

Making the Kitchen Incompatible With the Home

A problem for many homeowners who are only renovating their kitchen is that they get excited about a new look and end up with a kitchen that feels like it's from an entirely different house. A kitchen should stand out, but it should also be cohesive with the rest of your home! You can be different, but make sure the décor flows from room to room.

Designing and decorating a kitchen isn't easy, so we hope our guide on five common kitchen décor mistakes to avoid helps you make your kitchen the absolute best. The critical thing to remember is to ensure your kitchen is functional and uniquely yours!

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