The Dos and Don’ts: Mixing and Matching Lighting Fixtures

The Dos and Don’ts: Mixing and Matching Lighting Fixtures

Home lighting renovations are fantastic ways to modernize a space and add functionality to the room. As unifying design elements, the perfect lighting fixtures are necessities in your residence that have a massive effect on their surroundings.

When you’re weighing your options, you might consider combining more than one type of fixture to create visual interest and add flair. In that case, you might want to read on about the dos and don’ts of mixing and matching lighting fixtures so that you don’t overwhelm your theme.

Do Create a Focal Point

You can use lighting such as a unique lamp or overhead fixture to draw attention to any aspect of a room. Wall sconces can complement and frame your focal point.

Do Layer Your Lighting Fixtures

When layering your lighting fixtures, you want to select fixtures that don’t serve only a single person. For example, you can combine bright overhead lighting such as a sleek chandelier with several tabletop lamps to allow flexibility in the amount of light present in the space.

Do Use Task Lighting

Consider task lighting a priority in rooms that require it. Home offices are perfect examples, as you often need light to direct attention to a screen or desk. Small lighting fixtures that you can place on a desk have added functionality that plays a significant role in your lighting plans.

Do Stick to One Solid Light Color

Selecting one color of light and incorporating it throughout your home creates a cohesive space. Bulbs often have warm or cool features, but the warm option provides a softer glow than its alternative.

Don’t Try To Accomplish Many Things at Once

There are many options with which to decorate your space. However, introducing them all in one area can cause confusion and visual discomfort. For example, a smaller room might not require an oversized fixture, so layering your fixtures won’t be a necessity there. It’s best to keep your objective simple!

Don’t Venture Too Far From Your Comfort Zone

Light fixtures are vital investments that can make or break the look of an area. Being unsure of your choices can hinder the result of your design project, so if you don’t love something, feel free to choose a fixture you know you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

Don’t Ignore Functionality

Functionality is vital in lighting, and you don’t want to make purchases based on what’s trending currently. It’s important to note how you’ll use your space and select options that appeal to your purpose and tastes.

Don’t Disregard Dimmers

Dimmers are functional accessories that encourage more control over your lighting systems. As a bonus, when paired with chandeliers, dimming your lights can create different moods and atmospheres.

For homeowners who strive for creativity and customization, knowing the dos and don’ts of mixing lighting options allow them to achieve the perfect look while adding a level of sophistication to their residences. Show off spectacular results using any of the lighting options at Illuminate Vintage. Our mid-century modern semi-flush mount lighting is an excellent choice that produces appealing ambient illumination to tie design concepts together and introduce a touch of elegance to your space.

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