Types of Ceiling Lights: Flush Versus Semi-Flush Lighting

Types of Ceiling Lights: Flush Versus Semi-Flush Lighting

Ceiling fixtures are important in any space, as they not only provide light but add character, create a pleasant focal point, and visually tie a room together. Flush and semi-flush lighting are some of the most popular fixtures to install in a ceiling due to their beauty, versatility, and diverse style options. While they’re smaller than chandeliers, flush and semi-flush fixtures provide a surprising amount of light to large areas.

Despite their similarities, there are some differences between these two types of ceiling lights: flush vs. semi-flush lighting. Below, we’ll explore these differences and how to choose the best fixture for your space.

Flush Lighting

Installed flush with the ceiling, these fixtures are excellent for lighting large spaces. Flush mount fixtures aren’t as dramatic as semi-flush fixtures or chandeliers, but they can still be beautiful to look at and improve a room’s appearance. Flush fixtures are typically only available with glass covers.

Semi-Flush Lighting

Semi-flush lights provide even more light and cover more ground than flush mount fixtures. They’re installed close to the ceiling; however, they’re suspended just enough to leave a significant amount of space between the fixture and the ceiling. Semi-flush lights are ideal for large living and dining areas since they’re similar to chandeliers. Semi-flush lights are often available with glass and fabric covers.

Choosing Between Flush and Semi-Flush

With options such as vintage semi-flush mount lighting and even industrial or modern flush mount fixtures, choosing the right light can be challenging. To help ease the decision-making process, consider the needs of the room. Some factors to think about are whether the space needs a lot of light or a little. Consider its ceiling height, too. For example, a flush fixture would work better in a room with a low ceiling, while a semi-flush fixture would be helpful in a very large space.

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