5 Easy Ways To Give Your Dated Cabinets a Makeover

5 Easy Ways To Give Your Dated Cabinets a Makeover

Dated cabinetry can really weigh down a room. Drab door pulls, dark or obsolete paints and stains, and a lack of lighting all contribute to a sense of heaviness and distaste.

The good news is that your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to stay dull or dreary. Whether you have an outdated vanity or an entire kitchen full of archaic cupboards, there are many simple ways you can revitalize your home’s cabinetry. From a fresh coat of paint to new hardware and removable wallpaper, consider these five easy ways to give your dated cabinets a makeover.

A Fresh, New Color

The simplest way to update your bathroom or kitchen cabinets is by changing their color. This could mean a few things: a change in paint or a change in stain. Depending on your time, budget, and energy levels, you have a few options:

  • Painting over your existing cabinetry with a single color
  • Painting over existing cabinetry with a moodier color on the bottom and white on the top
  • Removing old paint to expose original wood and restoring the original cabinetry
  • Removing the old stain, sanding, and re-staining with a more modern color

Removing Doors

Open shelving is a popular look, but for many, ripping out cabinetry and installing open shelves is just too much of a hassle. An easy way to give your dated cabinets a makeover without breaking the bank (or your walls) is by removing doors from a select few cabinets and creating DIY open shelving. You can create extra contrast by painting the back of the cabinets the same color as your wall or by installing a fun wallpaper.

New Hardware

Swapping out hardware is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can update a bathroom or kitchen. Exchange your old, broken, or mismatched hardware for beautiful new knobs, pulls, and hinges. There are so many different types of hardware on the market, from stunning vintage mid-century modern drawer pulls to hand-painted artisan knobs.

Unique Inserts

Add character and a sense of openness to your kitchen by replacing some of your cabinet’s inserts. Glass inserts bring sophistication into a kitchen, while chicken wire inserts create an adorable farmhouse vibe. Vintage fabric is another unique idea that brings charm and appeal to your space.

Furniture Legs

Furniture legs aren’t just for furniture. Curate a kitchen or bathroom that feels custom, unique, and extra sturdy by adding furniture legs. There are hundreds of different legs to choose from depending on your kitchen’s aesthetic, from mid-century modern to traditional, vintage, country, and contemporary. After installing the legs, simply paint or stain them to match your cabinetry.

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