5 Home Lighting Tips for a Well-Lit Space

5 Home Lighting Tips for a Well-Lit Space

One of the essential aspects of designing a home is getting the lighting right. Balancing the practical need for illumination and creative design can be tricky, but we can help!

In our useful guide, we’ll break down some vital home lighting tips you should keep in mind for a well-lit space.

Layer Lighting

A well-lit space isn’t just about having the most prominent and brightest light fixture you can find—it’s about layering your lighting for a smooth balance of form and function. A well-lit room has three types of lighting: task, accent, and ambient.

Ambient lighting is about the overall lamination of a room or space, such as chandeliers or overhead ceiling fixtures. Task lighting is for performing individual tasks, such as a lamp for a reading nook or recessed lighting underneath kitchen cabinets for cooking. Accent lighting is decorative and where you can flex your artistic muscles!

Quality Over Quantity

Many people think that one light fixture is as good as another, so why not go the inexpensive route? Or why not go with two cheaper lamps instead of one quality fixture? But this is a common mistake.

Quality, custom handmade light fixtures will last longer, offer better illumination, and look better. After all, everything else in your home is high-quality, so why should the light fixtures be different?

Utilize Dimmers

Sometimes, you’ll want to adjust the lighting for a space, which is where dimmers are incredibly useful. Dimmers allow homeowners to alter the overall feel of space depending on the occasion or mood, giving them more options to showcase their home.

With dimmers, homeowners can choose between bright illumination and a soft, warmer glow. Plus, dimmers help your bulbs last longer and use less electricity.

Capitalize on Natural Light

The best source of light for your home is natural daylight. Natural light offers better and softer color than any artificial bulb, and it’s free!

When designing your space, consider how best to capitalize on the natural daylight. You might consider adding a window, taking down curtains, or hanging a mirror to reflect more light.

Switch to LED Bulbs

If you haven’t already, there’s no time like the present to switch to LED bulbs throughout your home. LED bulbs come in any size and wattage you previously used and offer many benefits besides energy efficiency.

An LED bulb offers a brighter light at the same wattage and will last longer than typical bulbs. LED bulbs are the superior bulb that all homeowners should use.

There are many more home lighting tips for a well-lit space, but these are a few crucial ones to remember. If you have any questions about light fixtures or home lighting design, don’t be afraid to ask the experts at Illuminate Vintage!

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