Easily Change Up Any Space by Swapping Out Cabinet Pulls

Easily Change Up Any Space by Swapping Out Cabinet Pulls

Are you tired of the current design for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Instead of entirely redoing the cabinetry, you can easily change any space by swapping out cabinet pulls!

This guide will break down the differences between cabinet knobs and pulls and what you should consider when choosing new hardware.

Knobs vs. Pulls: Pros & Cons

Pulls and knobs each have their advantages and disadvantages. Knobs are smaller than pulls, which means that they’re typically less expensive and easier to install since they only require one screw. Since they’re smaller, knobs are a more subtle design piece but can still stand out if you install one with a bright finish on a simple, neutral cabinet.

On the other hand, pulls are larger and more pronounced, making them more of a statement piece—not to mention an easier grip. Pulls are usually more expensive but offer more variety in sizes and styles. Both knobs and pulls are utilized in various designs, from kitchen to bathroom cabinets—it’s just about finding the right style.

Can You Mix and Match Cabinet Pulls and Knobs?

Yes! There’s no rule in cabinet design that says you can only have pulls or knobs. Typically, you’ll see pulls used on cabinet drawers while knobs are for upper cabinet doors, but they can also work vice versa—it all comes down to your taste!

If you’re having trouble deciding, why not opt for both? If you don’t like how it looks, it’s easy to change things up by swapping the cabinet pulls later.

What To Consider When Choosing Cabinet Hardware

There’s a lot to think about when choosing your new cabinet hardware, but perhaps the biggest considerations are whether you want your pulls to blend in or stand out and if your design is more traditional or contemporary.

Blending In vs. Standing Out

Do you want your cabinet hardware to make a statement, or do you prefer all focus on the cabinets themselves? For a minimalist cabinet—like a slab-style door in a muted color—a brass or silver pull will pop more and add some flavor to your design.

If the cabinets have a lot of ornamentation or decoration, you’ll probably want to keep the focus on them instead of the hardware. Consider a simple knob that is functional without standing out.

Traditional vs. Contemporary

Next, do you want your cabinets to encapsulate the future or harken to the past? Moldings and ornamentations are typical in traditional designs, making mid-century modern cabinet pulls a popular choice that will look right at home in your kitchen or bathroom!

Contemporary cabinets, however, are less ornate and emphasize clean lines and shapes. Linear handle pulls are excellent choices that enhance the cabinet’s design without clashing.

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