How To Design a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

How To Design a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

The trending aesthetic for many new kitchens is modern and minimalist, but are you looking for something different? Do you want your kitchen to look more vintage and classic? Then you should check out our tips on how to design a mid-century modern kitchen!

Don’t Be Shy With Color

One of the staples of mid-century modern kitchens is abundant color. In previous eras, designers were less shy about using vibrant and bold colors to accentuate kitchens. The specifics of the color palette are up to you but using vivid colors that pop will give your kitchen a vintage feel.

Colorful Countertops

One popular way designers introduced color into a mid-century design is with the countertops. Nowadays, modern and contemporary kitchens usually stick to neutral or muted colors for countertops. But back in the day, it was common to see a bright teal or even orange countertop.

Back then, designers often used laminate or ceramic countertops. If you want to imbibe your kitchen with that vintage, mid-century feel, those are the best choices for countertops. Not all mid-century kitchens had colorful countertops, but the most memorable ones did!

Wood and More Wood

In the mid-century, designers were seemingly obsessed with wood and tried to fit it into as many parts of the kitchen they could, from wood countertops to cabinets to wall paneling and floors. You don’t have to cram as much wood into your design as possible to get that vintage feel, but it’s something to keep in mind as you choose what materials to use for your kitchen.

Simple But Refined Cabinets

Cabinets are the center of kitchen design. Getting them right can be the difference between an eye-popping design and one that falls flat. In mid-century design, cabinets were generally modern and straightforward, with flat frontal panels and no ornamentation.

Wood was the most popular material for cabinets, and a simple, dark stain like walnut gives cabinets a warm feeling. Some mid-century modern drawer knobs with brass or nickel finishings can add a little color and shine to the design without being gaudy.

These are some of the qualities and characteristics of a mid-century modern kitchen design. If you ever have any questions about how to design a mid-century modern kitchen, don’t be afraid to consult us, the experts at iCabinetry Direct!

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