Top 10 Lighting Design Trends in 2021 To Modernize Your Space

Top 10 Lighting Design Trends in 2021 To Modernize Your Space

While lighting is one of the more vital elements in a home, components like couches, rugs, and home décor often overshadow it. But what most don't consider is that the true transformation in a room can come from a simple lighting change. With fixtures like chandeliers giving off subtle notes of luxury and affluence to cool, innovative options like neon signs and molten glass, the design market has plenty of alternatives to offer.

In this article, we’re going to take a step toward the contemporary with these top 10 light design trends in 2021 to modernize your space.

Neon Lights

When you think of neon lights, restaurants and tourist destinations are usually some of the first locations that come to mind. But these days, neon signs are making a name for themselves that expand beyond bars and casinos.

Thanks to social media, neon signs have seen an uptick as younger generations express interest in designing their rooms and spaces with these lights. A neon sign adds a fun touch to your room and uses bright colors to turn any area into a neon-lit oasis.

Retro and Vintage Lighting

Who said that all things retro are a thing of the past? Retro lighting always comes back to inspire styles of today, and this time, retro lighting is making a return in a more refined form. Vintage fixtures now include sleeker metals, more prosperous and varied tones, and alternative designs that one can consider "modern retro."

Retro lighting is prevalent in areas of the home like the kitchen and dining area and can even work as wall lighting. The versatility of retro fixtures ranges from centerpiece lighting usage to actual pieces of art that you can prop on the wall.

Other indicators of vintage-style lighting are the combination of metallic shades with pastel-colored finishes, glass shades tinted with milky accents, and simple silhouettes.

Beaded Chandeliers

It seems that beaded chandeliers are everywhere now, and while they don't provide the same sparkle and brilliance that classic crystal chandeliers would, these alternatives still make a statement. Wondering what the significant selling point is for these beaded beauties? These chandeliers have a show-stopping appeal that shines through them whether the lights are on or off.

That said, these beaded fixtures are less formal than their crystal counterparts, so they'll work in any property.

Minimalist Pendants

Pendant lighting is an elegant and dramatic choice that hangs on a strong cord or chain from the ceiling. While these lighting fixtures are usually present in kitchen areas or above dinette units, minimalist pendants make waves in every part of the home. The clean lines and minimalist shapes add a simplistic touch that proves less is truly more.

Crystal Lamps

Crystal lamps are timeless light sources that can add luxury and flair to your home. More specifically, salt crystal lamps come in various designs and colors and look beautiful on flat surfaces within your residence.

The most exciting aspect of Himalayan salt lamps is their beneficial health properties. The salt crystals within these light sources are arranged to allow the capture and release of negative ions. Once light shines about the crystal base, negative ions release and replenish positive ions in the air.

Some sources claim that positive ions promote relaxation, healing, and joy, so having one of these stunning features in your space can benefit you more than you think.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is one design trend that is on a recent revival. With a rise in demand in 2021, industrial lighting fixtures celebrate the simplicity and sturdiness of past centuries' factories and industrial spaces.

Most of these fixtures include strong, long-lasting elements that provide an edgy look and feel that fits any theme in your home. This lighting style is becoming the go-to choice in luxury homes and resorts due to its ability to brighten spaces and create drama with the area.

Industrial lighting looks at its classic best when complementing steel and wood features in a room. Exposed bulbs, metal cages, and shades are popular aspects in these fixtures that are common in rustic and vintage designs.

LED-Wall Lamps

LED-wall lamps help highlight and illuminate accents and unique home décor within a space. For artists and art enthusiasts wanting to emphasize unique pieces in a collection, LED lights provide the right amount of brilliance that’s suitable for classic and modern settings.

LED-wall sconces come in various colors and designs to match any décor and create mood lighting and ambiance.

Mid-Century Modern Style Lighting

Mid-century modern lighting is the go-to favorite that is seeing a revival. This lighting style focuses on bringing attention to sharp lines and geometric designs that combine functionality and aesthetics. The 2021 style of mid-century lighting is more fun and laid-back.

A classic fixture in the mid-century aesthetic, Sputnik light fixtures have a deep root in the history of space travel and the Cold War. Its sleek design was the catalyst of a revolution that inspired people's approach to art and interior décor.

Hand-Blown Glass

This unique trend is striking and bold. Although it piqued the interest of interior designers earlier this year, hand-blown glass will continue to thrive in future years as homeowners look for more ways to bring exclusivity into their homes.

Hand-blown glass is fantastic at creating a warming glow and provides a show-stopping aura that is truly awe-inspiring.

Rattan Lighting

The rattan renaissance is a strong force that doesn't look like it will see an end soon—not that anyone's complaining, of course! It is a natural element that can complement many other features in your space. The material often resembles a woven basket and promotes a bohemian aesthetic that works beautifully in dining rooms, bedrooms, and above kitchen islands.

Lighting is close to everything in a home, and when searching for the ideal choice, you should always consider your options. These top lighting design trends will modernize your space in 2021 and for many years to come.

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Top 10 Lighting Design Trends in 2021 To Modernize Your Space

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